How to Stand Out on Your Next Soccer Tryouts

Tryouts can become very stressful to players, especially the goalkeepers. Its always double pressure during soccer tryouts as you need deliver in being the goalkeeper and you need to put on the good show and impress them coaches.

The pressure can sometimes break young players and can get into their mental state during the games. With our simple tips, we can help you minimize your worries and focus more in delivering a great performance for the team and coach to see.

  1. Remember the 5 P’s. There’s a saying in the British Military that goes like this, “Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance”. Kind off explicit but it does reminds us of reality. Without proper preparation, you can expect a poor performance or worse utter and complete failure.
  2. Step Up! First impressions last. And being the first to proactively get “seen and heard” by the coach will definitely leave an impression. That is if you also follow up with a strong performance during the tryouts.
  3. Come Like a Pro. No matter how much people say about “not judging a book by its cover”, it will happen. No matter what occasion, time or place you are in. Be sure to get yourself properly equipped and ready for anything that will come your way during the tryouts.
  4. Master Zen. Emotions can be great tools. They can either benefit you or work against you. There are times when the situation in a game can throw you off balance mentally. But you must train yourself to withstand any mental pressure that might occur during your game or tryout as that may hinder your performance.
  5. Exude Confidence. This is a great weapon against your competition. Seeing an opponent that looks like he/she can take on anything that comes his/her way, is alarming. Being confident can help boost the morale of other team players. This is like saying to each other that you got each others’ back.

Taking them all in can be quite a lot during the first time. Some of the tips above will require a bit of time to acquire or learn to do. But you can always develop habits that you think can help you in positive ways. Be sure to start practicing these tips as they help you tremendously during your formative years as a soccer player.

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